An Introduction to Concept Design:
Strategic Market Planning

Concept Design is an international network of creative professionals providing comprehensive solutions for business planning, sales development and promotional campaigns.

From initial consultation to implementation,
we deliver high-level execution on all strategic planning and creative marketing projects.
Our ability to link experts in design, marketing and technology gives your company access to a resource capable of meeting all your business needs.

Our reputation has been built through the assistance we have provided numerous companies with expanding operations, but without the matching internal resources, to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

In addition to our base in Tokyo, Japan, we have partnerships and alliances in Dallas, TX and New York City, NY in North America.

Seminars & Workshops

Concept Design offers customized seminars and workshops for corporate training, and also conducts academic instruction targeting working professionals.

Corporate & Academic Instruction

Social Media Activation

Concept Design assists corporations, advertising agencies and PR firms in utilizing social media and comprehensive integration with their marketing strategy.
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Planning Marketing Communications

Access the presentation below to see more of our unique approach to marketing campaign development.

cd-smp methodology

Planning Methodology (Flash)

Planning Methodology (HTML)