We engage our clients in dialogue that relates to real-world business issues.

Marketing Strategy

Our approach to strategy begins with evaluation of the key business development objectives of a corporation. In tandem with those objectives, the corporation’s infrastructure (product cycle, sales methodology, technology infrastructure) is reviewed.

Next, we create a strategic market plan that is synchronized with short- and long-term business goals.

Campaign Planning

We work with companies to ensure that the unique characteristics of their brands are structured to be understood by target markets. The proper consideration of lifestyle channels (for B2C) and business channels (for B2B) in the planning stage is a key factor in developing effective media initiatives. Delivery of the client’s core “story” through campaigning is the point of differentiation that will remain in the hearts and minds of audiences interacting with the brand.

As we proceed with the campaign plan, the sales cycle is supported, and the elements of the marketing mix are decided.

The communications message specifying the potential target audience is developed while considering relevant touchpoints. A cohesive message is then created to tie in business goals, stimulate brand awareness and promote customer loyalty programs.

Process Frameworks

Our approach to client business understands that there are both internal and external marketing considerations for any major marketing initiative.

Therefore, we also provide process and workflow frameworks that can strengthen and improve a firm’s marketing management capability.

Engaging key staff and team members with these planning tools allows them to consistently increase their ability to execute corporate and marketing strategies.