Social Media Activation

Concept Design is an expert in assisting multinational corporations plan and roll-out a diverse range of effective social media programs.

In addition, we have consulted for both advertising and public relations agencies that have needed to gain a grasp on social media's potential for their own clients, and also internalize that knowledge through ongoing training programs for their staff.

The benefits of our customized programs include:


Integration with your overall corporate strategy and marketing messaging


A dynamic and up-to-date internet presence that is not only limited to a website presence or e-mail marketing


The know-how to independently implement social media planning and promotions for additional business initiatives (or provide to client corporations in the case of agencies)

if you're interested in making social media a powerful component of your communications strategy for 2010 — 2011

Social Media & Corporate Strategy (Presentation)

Planning Marketing Communications

View our comprehensive overview covering the social media landscape in Japan. We present our methodology and management tools used to launch successful social marketing promotions.

cd-smp methodology

Have a look at our Planning Methodology to see how we integrate effective messaging across all media channels.